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SOLA Austria
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Spoločnosť SOLA založil v roku 1949 Ing. Guido Scheyer a rozvinul ju zo skromných začiatkov až do súčasnej podoby s viac ako 200 zamestnancami.

V roku 1969 bola na mieste pôvodnej firmy postavená prvá výrobná hala. Od vtedy sa produkcia postupne rozširovala až do dnešnej podoby troch výrobných hál o výmere 13 000 štvorcových metrov.

Our in-house production of vials for spirit levels enables us to guarantee consistent quality of our measuring tools. Apart from the manufacturing of vials and measuring tools,
we develop plastics for our own production and for subcontracted work.

The Sola product range includes more than 1,500 articles: spirit levels, rules, folding rules, measuring tapes, set squares etc. up to the very modern electronic laser level.
All of these measuring tools are sold under the brand name Sola.

Design and production have been under constant review and new ideas have led to our own patents, the most important of which are the ultrasonically welded vials.
In 1994 our company introduced certification in accordance with ISO 9001. This certification was awarded to us in recognition of our standardised and audited quality
assurance system which has been subject to annual audits.

This system ensures quality measures for the customer in all areas of our company, from construction via assembly to delivery and service.
The company Scheyer also contributes actively to the protection of the environment: a heat recovery system provides the heat required for both factory units during the
cold season;

in plastic and metal production raw materials are recycled; recyclable carton packaging is used instead of plastic and blister packaging. These measures were rewarded with an
"Ökoprofit" environmental medal. Since we are strategically situated in the heart of Europe, it is only natural that we have given our special attention to export from the very

beginning. Approximately 75% of our own products are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide.

With the production of this catalogue we have attempted to introduce our entire range of measuring tools clearly and accurately. We hope you will enjoy using this

 reference work and gain useful information at a glance.



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